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I’m sorry

I don’t know how to say this
without sounding dumb
but i hate when you act
like your emotions are numb
I know somethings wrong
but you refuse to say
as if your too strong
to not be OK..
Was it something i did?
something i said?
the more it stays hid..
the more i wanna be dead
I can see through your eyes..
Your drowning inside..
as you silence your cries
and make your pain hide 

How Do I Feel

I can’t describe it
It’s so unique
The way you knock me off my feet

They say it can’t happen
We’re too far apart
Obviously they can’t see the closness of our hearts

I know it gets confusing
My methods are obscure
But know that I love you
That is our one for sure

I Will Sleep Forever

Ahmed, I really love you
So why can’t you just see
Of all people in this world
You mean the most to me

If words were just enough
You would know it is real
But words cannot measure
How you do make me feel

I don’t want no body else
For you’re my only desire
My soul only aches for you
No way can love be higher

I want to tell you the truth
But I cannot find the time
I want to open up my heart
And allow you to be mine

The Beginning of My Sorry

I feel so weak today
i hurt you so bad
i regret what i did
I’m scared I lost what we had
i love you so much
nothing else comes can come near
i made a mistake
loosing you is what i fear
i don’t deserve a second chance
but I’m hoping you’ll give me one
your everything and more to me
when its raining your my sun

The one i love

I place my soul in the palm of your hands
Knowing that this is where it should stand.
I place my love embraced in your chest
The one i love, the one i caress.

Though i have trouble speaking of my emotions,
My soul is tranquil but deeper than any ocean.
Due to this it is hard for me to find in my heart.
The bottom of this ocean, and how I can start

To find myself in this world of madness,
To find myself in this sea of sadness,
When i reveal the emotions i locked deep inside,
They rage out of control like the morning tide.

i Love You My Lord

I’m sorry for all of my life before that moment,
That time when I trusted your son as my savior.
I’m so happy to have you in my life,
I’ll pray to you always in the morning and night.

I thank you for sending your only son to death on the cross,
I’m grateful my Lord, that you are my boss.
I’ll show my love and thankfulness to you,
By being your son as Jesus was to you.

My Angel

My Angel

I showed You I love you
Then betrayed your trust
and now you have repayed me
Destroyed me and forsake me
I was ment to love you
and I always will


i love you so much
this stupid poem just cant explain
how much you mean to me
way more than this poems gonna say

the way you hug me
makes me feel protected & free
of all the problems
god throws my way

the way you look at me
with your beautiful eyes full of glee
it always makes me wonder
wat you see in me

wat it is
i have no clue
but im so happy
you can always makes me smile


As many others, I wish and dream for my prince,
Then I met you, and nothings been the same ever since.
I dream of a love thats everlasting, forever,
Someone to show me the world, always together.
You see through to the depths of my tattered heart,
Roping and holding tight from the start.
No one has ever made me feel in such a way as you.

I Promise

I promise everything to you
You’re the reason for all I do
I may at times go away
But in your heart, I promise to stay
Treat you right, give you anything
Even occasionally, I’d try to sing
Today a rose, tomorrow a cruise
I promise to make everyday new
Loving you is hard, I can’t describe
You make me feel different inside
I promise never to stop loving
To be there when you start sobbing