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I’ve known you forever,
I’ve known you four years.
Through so many smiles,
And even more tears.

You accepted me warmly,
You love me so much.
I love your sweet smile,
I love your soft touch.

I love that you love me
The way that I am,
I love that you see me
Like no one else can.

Without You

Without you, the city falls asleep softly,
Without you, the color disappears slowly,
Without you, the trees forget the wind,
Without you, the night is chagrined.

Without you, my music does not amaze,
Without you, my hours are days,
Without you, my heart gets bored,
Without you, my steps are too heavy and not labored.

Without you, my thoughts prevent me from going to bed,
Without you, I do not distinguish the horizon ahead,
Without you, there are no heavens,
Without you, the time forgets its reasons.

You Are My Everything

You are my everything
My heart and soul
I thought I had dug my grave
But you pulled me out of that hole

When I am lost in the dark
You are my shinning light
You chase away the darkness
That haunts my dreams at night

You are my strength
That carries me to another tomorrow
You are my hope
That replaced my everlasting sorrow

You are my healer
That healed all my scars
You are my angel
Sent from the brightest of stars

i cant live with out you

If I had to live my life with out you
Crying all day and all night is what I would do
My love for you is the most precious thing on earth
Like our first kiss or our Childs birth
I want to do it all with you
I want have kids and say I do
Ill be there for you if you should need me
Always in my heart forever you will be
To say I love you is still not a strong enough meaning
If there was a word stronger then love that would be my feeling
If the road we walk looks to far
Ill love will lead away like a guiding star 

i Love You

I love you more than you can imagine
When I see your face it brighten up my day
I love you more than words can ever tell
Even more than what im about to say

I don’t remember the last time i felt like this
You make me feel the real me
You don’t know how happy it makes me
When I can share things with you,comfortably