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My love is true

Of all the guys Ive ever met
You’re the one i cant forget

If i should die before i wake
Ill wait for you at the golden gate

If you’re not there by judgment day
ill know u went the other way

True Love 1

Our fingers lace perfectly
Our lips lock just right
I love when you hold me
And squeeze me so tight

You kiss me on the forehead
And whisper in my ear
Pull me closer to you
Love exactly what I hear

My True Love

Take time and listen
my heart beats
for you and only you
always in my mind
its my dream
I will not resign
I love the way you make me feel
Id make a deal
with the lord himself
to conceal this feel
keep it always with me
never to lose touch
you’ll be in my thoughts till I die
never to lose something I love so much.


I do believe the lord above created you for me to love
He picked you out from all the rest because he knew i’d like you the best
I had a heart and it was true
But now it’s gone from me to you
Take care of it as i had done
Fore you have 2 and I have none
If i should die before I wake
I’ll wait for you at tne golden gates

True Love

I have realized one thing lately,
been thinking about you a lot,
I’d never thought I’d feel this way,
but there’s no reason why I should not,

There’s something about you,
I just cannot express,
you’ve opened my heart to something new,
but my feelings, I repress,

I know I don’t have a single chance,
to be with you,
I feel there are too much differences,
maybe its true, 


If I saw you tomorrow I don’t know what I would do.
If I saw you tomorrow I don’t know what I would say.
If I say you tomorrow I don’t know to talk to you or ignore you.
If I saw you tomorrow I don’t know to love you or hate you.
If I saw you tomorrow I don’t to kiss you or push u away.

If I Saw You Tomorrow

My Vision

I close my eyes, And I see your face,
I feel your touch, Your warm embrace.

I hear your voice, You whispers so,
Says i’ll never Let you go

I’ll run my fingers Through your hair,
Caresses your skin, My touch so fair

As the song plays I hold you so tight,
As we slow dance In a room of candlelight

And then you presses your lips to mine,
Your body quivers With feelings divine

When i saw you and what do i see,
A heavenly angel that was meant for me