i cant live with out you

If I had to live my life with out you
Crying all day and all night is what I would do
My love for you is the most precious thing on earth
Like our first kiss or our Childs birth
I want to do it all with you
I want have kids and say I do
Ill be there for you if you should need me
Always in my heart forever you will be
To say I love you is still not a strong enough meaning
If there was a word stronger then love that would be my feeling
If the road we walk looks to far
Ill love will lead away like a guiding star 
I cherish every little moment with you
Every little word everything you do
Your more beautiful then the reddest rose
Every time you look at me every time you smile my pain goes
I cant imagine a life with out us together
I cant imagine us being less then forever
When people ask me to describe love, one word is all I do
I think for a bit n smile and say the only word is you
When I look into your eyes I can feel the love that is to be
Your the air I breath the reason I live you are my destiny
I wouldnt be able to live life with out you
Your my girl, my dream come true

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