i Love You My Lord

I’m sorry for all of my life before that moment,
That time when I trusted your son as my savior.
I’m so happy to have you in my life,
I’ll pray to you always in the morning and night.

I thank you for sending your only son to death on the cross,
I’m grateful my Lord, that you are my boss.
I’ll show my love and thankfulness to you,
By being your son as Jesus was to you.

You help me always in my life,
By answering my prayers and showing me what’s right.
I love you God for everything you’ve done,
I’m so proud to say that I am your son.

Thank you my Lord for giving me delight,
If I did not have you I wouldn’t know what is right.
I just hope that I can repay you for which you have giving me,
By being all that I can be.

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