I Miss You Friend

I wake up during the night,
In cold sweats and tears.
I had another dream of you,
And I wish you were here.

It has been a while since we spoke,
Even longer since we were together.
I know that if you were here with me,
Things would be so much better.

I know that you are always there for me,
But things just are not the same.
Do not forget that I love and miss you,
And please never forget my name.

When you are not around me,
I feel your presence anyway.
Remember I am always here for you,
Whether dark of night or light of day.

Things are so much different now,
We do not see each other everyday.
But we grow up, things have to change,
And I had to move away.

Though it is so easy to pick up the phone,
And give you a call before bed.
I trade that in, for whatever reason,
And write an e-mail instead.

Maybe because it seems so much easier,
Since you do not hear my voice.
I do not feel vulnerable telling you things,
And you do not have a choice.

Friends forever, we always said,
Together until the end.
No matter what happens, the distance between,
On me you can depend.

Now I learned that I should cherish,
Every second I spend with you.
Though it is hard to be so far away,
I know we will get through.

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