I Will Sleep Forever

Ahmed, I really love you
So why can’t you just see
Of all people in this world
You mean the most to me

If words were just enough
You would know it is real
But words cannot measure
How you do make me feel

I don’t want no body else
For you’re my only desire
My soul only aches for you
No way can love be higher

I want to tell you the truth
But I cannot find the time
I want to open up my heart
And allow you to be mine

When you are around me
My heart is beating so fast
If only you’d understand
I know that we could last

Hours feel like seconds
And years feel like a day
For when I am with you
The time just flies away

For you my love, I’d die
Just to prove that I am true
I’d pick out all of the stars
And give them out to you

I could rip out my heart
And for you take the pain
For then I wouldn’t ache
When I hear your name

I’d run across the sea
Or fly far into space
Or walk on the desert
Just to see your face
I’d jump into a fire
And I’d run a mile
All of this I would do
Just to see you smile
If it was life or death
Death is my choice
I’d walk to my grave
Only to hear your voice

Every night I dream of you
And you sit and talk to me
When I wake I only smile
Thinking maybe it could be

Ahmed, I’m dying for you
This love will never sever
If you exist only in dreams
Then I will sleep forever

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