My Saviour

Before you found me
I was alone and lost
you saved me from the cold
that icy winter frost

you protect me from all
you know what to do
you love me for what I am
I feel healed through and through

before you came to me
I was as empty as a shell
But you filled me up
And I want to help you as well

the stars in the sky
those heavenly lights
are nothing compared
to your spirit, so bright

the sun that shines down
and warms my smooth skin
is nothing compared
to the warmth you stirred within

the moon in the night
a bright jewel in the sky
is nothing compared
to the light in your eyes

the clouds that glide by
like balls of cotton, heavenly
are nothing compared
to your softness with me

I love you so much
You filled me right up
You loved me and cared
You lifted me up

I love you

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