Think about you everyday

I miss the way
Life used to be
I miss the smile
I used to see
I miss those times
I had you there
It felt so nice
You really cared
Don’t know why
I’m feeling this way
Think about you
I blame myself
For hurting you
I blame myself
For all I do
It’s all my fault
This is what I get
But I just can’t
Give up yet
I finally realize
What I had
I’m so sorry
Don’t be mad
I can’t be perfect
I don’t even try
But when your gone
I can’t get by
Your in my head
Your all I think
I’m missing you
I’m on the brink
I can’t remember
Before you came
Without you
It’s just not the same
So much to give
But no one there
So much love
But with no one to share
I have these feelings
They feel so true
I can’t say it any other way
I’m missing you…

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